100 Greatest Kenyan Songs of All Time (Part 1)

100 Greatest Kenyan Songs of All Time (Part 1)
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What is a great song? The world always agrees on what a great song is, save for the few Rock or hip enthusiasts who consider art only from their foggy lenses.

Granted combining lists of greatest songs or books, or whatever is a highly subjective process, most of the time, people agree on what a great song is. It could be when it is played in the club, and people jump from their seats, and the DJ mutes some parts to let the crowd sing. It could be the YouTube comments. It could infectious nostalgia the song can induce, giving everyone a specific memory.

In such lists, there are always songs that people will make people question the taste of those making list, and that odd one you have never heard of, but can give a pass. There will be annoying omissions. Obviously, older songs have cemented their place in the Kenyan canon, and some of the recent songs, may be included in future lists and some dropped. This is the first part. The second part will encompass both Benga, Rumba and other old tunes. 

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the definitive list of the greatest Kenyan songs. Check the citation for each song in a separate link tagged at the bottom of the listicles. You are allowed to make a playlist from these great gems.

50.Niko poa-Mejja ft Bro.

49.Halo halo-Wakimbizi

48. Masheesha-H_art The Band feat Bensoul

47. Bebi bebi-Atemi Ayungu

46. DC na Sisi-Mau Mau/Wenyeji

45. Amina-Sanaipei Tande

44. Shika Nare-Bamboo & Prezzo

43. Dandora L.O.V.E-Zakah, Kah feat. Kabee

42. Mwanake Kiu

41. Micassa Sucasa-Khaligraph Jones feat Cashy

40. Happy-STL feat Kantai

39. Fire Anthem-East African Bashment Crew

38. Kwenye Dansi- Lyrical Assassins

37. Take it Slow-Zikki feat. Jaguar

36. Utawala-Juliani feat. Kenya.

35. Raha-Redsan

34. Jana Usiku-Elani

33.  Banjuka(Both Original and Remix)-DNA, Prezzo, Jimwat, Kaya

32. Twende ndani-Pili Pili feat. Reina

31. Kiasi-Jua Cali

30. Number 1-Le Band Suziah

29. TBT-Octopizzoh

27. Dundaing-King Kaka feat Magic Enga and Kristoff

26. Usichoke- Henrie Mutuku feat. Rufftone

25. Mungu pekee-Nyashnski

24. Gentleman-Sauti Sol & Gentleman

23. Chaguo la Moyo Wangu-Otile Brown feat. Sanaipei Tande

22. Sunshine-Habida feat Nameless

21. Tukawake-K-Rupt

20. Mtoto mzuri (Remix)-Nonini feat. Bobby Mapesa

19.Charonyi wasi-Habel Kifoto and The Maroon Commandos

18. Dondosa-The Longombas

17. Saa zingine-Dirge

16. Bamba-Abass Kubaff

15. Bamba-E-Sir, Big Pin &K-Rupt

14. Kenyan Girl, Kenyan Boy-Necessary Noise

 13.Let’s Get Down Prezzo, Nazizi

12. Deadly-Nameless

11.  Kookoo-Elani

10. Kadhaa-Nonini feat. Christine Apondi

9. Katika-Deux Vultures

8. Mwema-Mercy Masika

7. Unbwoggable-Gidi Gidi Maji Maji

6. Sura Yako-Sauti Sol

5. Tuendelee-Kleptomaniax

4. Githurai-Lenny, Mr Googs, Vinny Banton

3. Mizani-Wenyeji

2.   Usimpe Roho yako-Karma, Pam, Wyre, Nyashnski, Abass, Nameless &Jua Cali

 1. Moss moss-E-Sir feat. Brenda. 


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