A guide to Studying Abroad-Part 1

A guide to Studying Abroad-Part 1
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As I was busy monkeying around on Silas Nyanchwani’s wall on Facebook, a conversation arose about gender equality, as usual.

One gentleman wondered whether to believe what the Bible says or what the women are saying. Then, there was this retort by a European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientist Alessandro Strumia – Physics was invented and built by men.

But then again, my intention for writing this was to score a different but parallel point. Nothing feminist or counter. My intent is good schooling. I love ideas when best communicated in simple, cogent English.

So today, I want to talk about education in Europe. If you know, you know.

Picture this, Jack- because people called Jack won’t let you string their sister, has done his high school, gone to campus then tried his hand in a few jobs here there, everything looks good for him. He plans to marry the girl manning the M-PESA booth around the office block, buy a plot in Kitengela and move on with whatever life provides or brings forth. A lucky guy by Kenyan standards if you may.

Then there is Moses—Moses because he leads, not Kenya but a bunch of beauties, some not so beautiful ladies but who happen to have the privilege and are liquid mostly. He holds a masters from Kenyatta University, runs a good portfolio of clients in an accounting firm his father arranged for him to be employed. He is not married but seems to attract women of all manner and calibre and handles all of them well. The woman his dad wanted him to marry had other ideas about John the local youth mobilizer for Jubilee party.

Then there is Khalwale— have nothing on him, unfortunately. Razor sharp in class, got offered a job while interning, waiting to take up a scholarship in one of the elite schools in London since he works at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  He is less than excited about it but knows he must take up the scholarship just to up his point of leverage.

Anyway, I have given forth a picture of three people you may or not have met.

What I am hinting at is how do you easily, efficiently plan your studies?

Firstly, it is not a must you study in and die in Kenya. There is a need to branch out and smell some fresh air.

I need to say that not all the top dogs in the Kenyan political or corporate hierarchy have been abroad to study.

But exposure and a 360-degree outlook at basic stuff is important. You need to interrogate some things and in any case, that is what they teach you beyond high school. Query your living or working environment and when you get answers, get down and implement what is best and possibly scale it up and outwards.

But how far you can go with school, and even venture out of Kenya depends on several factors; personal, family and most importantly, teachers.

We know, for instance, guys we used to call teachers’ pets, most of them are doing well and it is not because they were handed favours, actually, they were handed info. A casual chat with your teacher, lecturer or instructor is important.

Chances are that he/she will lead or point you to a scholarship chance, program of some sort based on what they think of your ability. I know people who are doing their PhDs around Africa because they are in a ring of information network that enables them to do it closer home because they are working on challenges in Africa not Europe.

Pointedly, tailor your study mostly according to a need and your convenience. Also, ladies, if your man stops you from going to do your Ph.D. because of family kids and such, he has just subtly asked for a divorce but politely so. You can raise kids and study, the rest of the story is bollocks. Morals and intellect can only go as far as complimenting each other. Knowledge is averse to day to day morals…


Being in a good mood today, the following links will provide you a window to look for scholarships.


1. Sida

2. University of Gothenburg Scholarships

3. Study in Sweden

4. Study in Denmark

5. Study in Norway

6. Study in the EU

7. Study in Germany

8. Scholarships for Foreign Student


Follow those links carefully and get a scholarship, write a funding proposal to a specific challenge and if accepted, there is knowledge as well as a living to be earned. I deliberately avoid other parts of Europe and Americas because of challenges regarding migration, economies doing badly and generally, most countries in the EU, they understand education better than we do.


The links I provide are not limited to Master’s or Ph.D. students. You can take a diploma but just to be clear, most countries are charging fees just in case you just wish to go ahead and take a non-scholarship or sponsored course. It is a good thing to learn outside and get a different understanding of how stuff works.


If I am allowed by the powers that be, I will explain living in Europe or outside Kenya for beginners before I revert to my Motoring cocoon. Bear in mind, we do have a whole trove of resources that graduates and non-graduates can take on and eke a living outside Kenya but the problem the people you introduce this stuff to start to behave like the Kenyan government. Tribalism, nepotism on international programs is a no no. Funny enough, Au pairs is still a thing, why aren’t guys applying to do Au pair jobs and get an access to free college education as well as exposure?


Let us circle back down and then up and move together for the lovers of knowledge and good governance.


If your friend is only going to ask you form ni gani all the time…..dump them to save humanity!

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