A Mother’s wish for Daughter on Mothers’ Day

A Mother's wish for Daughter on Mothers' Day
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I am a new mother who feels that parenthood is a personal journey. It is a feeling so deeply ingrained in me that it rarely crosses my mind to raise my daughter in a conversation until I am asked about her…

Then, for the most part, I would talk about the importance of a fitting foundation for early childhood, a thing that I have come to hold dear.

And for this piece, I thought of asking my mommy friends what motherhood means to them. They would have had beautiful things to say. I would have used their voices so I could run away from sharing the most meaningful part of my life which I carry in my heart. I hope to share a slice of it today, my wishes and dreams for my baby.

I hope to lead her to God. He blessed me with her. He has greater plans for her than anyone else ever will. She needs Him. She needs good education and health and solid personal values. She is going to be fine as long as she has these.

I hope to see her go for her dreams. For her to know it is OK when her dreams scare her. To put in work and faith. I will tell her these things but I hope my actions will be enough to inspire her as she has me. She is now learning how to walk. She makes two or three steps then she falls down. She gets up, goes back to where she started walking, walks two or three steps then falls down again. She goes back, walks and falls over and over again, with dimples on her face. I hope her determined spirit lives on.

 I hope to see her buy a book and read on her own when she is older. I hope she chooses to add more books when I am not looking. I hope she questions and gets inspired by what she reads.

I dream to listen to her speak her mind and heart. To hear her use the words “I want this”, “yes”, “no”, “I am not able to do this”, “please”, “thank you”, “I am afraid”, “I am happy”. To realize that it is fine to be kind, to speak up for herself and to know her thoughts need to be respected. I dream to watch her defend herself like she did the other day when another child invaded her personal space, nearly harming her and she pushed him away.    

I hope to hear her question me. I have no doubt whatsoever about parental instincts. I also believe that babies are beings with independent views and preferences. Mine prefers a blue cup to a pink cup. She would close her lips tightly and throw the pink cup away. I hope to respect her tastes. I hope to continue to see her ignore my efforts to get her to sleep when all she wants is to dance. I dream of her expressing her disapproval and likes.

I hope to continue to see her lovely eyes open wide with excitement when she sees her storybooks. To turn the pages with joy. I hope to see her buy a book and read on her own when she is older. I hope she chooses to add more books when I am not looking. I hope she questions and gets inspired by what she reads.

I hope that she remains curious about things around her and of the world. I hope to affirm her of her strengths and her beauty. I hope to show her how to live honestly as she has shown me. I hope to remind her to see good in people as she does now. I hope to listen to her when she speaks to me, to tell me her endless stories which I do not understand. To tell me her deepest secrets and I will not judge her.

I hope she will still appreciate that she can be many things apart from being my daughter. I hope to allow her to be those things, to let her fly off the nest when it is time and to believe in her. I hope she knows that I will always pray for her, love, respect, protect and guide her.

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