All Kenyan Ciders Beers Ranked from the Most Favourite to the Least

Tusker Cider
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How can I be the Kenyan Bar Guy without an experience with ciders? The most common perception is that it’s a lady’s drink. The assumption comes from the fact that the drinks are sweeter. It’s like men hate themselves because as far as I’m concerned a sweet drink is a plus. The idea of having to grimace with each sip is misconstrued. 

Before this review, I took to social media just to get a feel on favorite ciders. A simple twitter poll with Sikera, Tusker Cider, Savanna and Snapp sufficed. Results showed that Savanna was the most popular while Sikera came in last. An apt result since I couldn’t find Sikera for the review. The rest were easy buys. Price not going over 200 at Carrefour. 


The prettiest looking ciders in the lot. It comes in a short bottle that doesn’t care much for curves redolent of the Kingfisher or Woodpecker of the 2000s. The Savanna has a desert appeal. The kind of cider a rogue gunslinger would enjoy on his porch with a Colt .45 on his side. At 5.5% ABV it is a drink to treat respectfully. I had chilled mine in the fridge for a few days before I tried it. Missing all the fluff that beers come with when you first open it, the golden liquid sits calmly in the bottle. On the first sip, the cider lacks that initial sweetness. However, it carries its flavors with dignity and you enjoy every moment sipping it. This is a drink definitely made for December enjoyments. As far as gender is concerned, you might feel a little emasculated if you order one with the boys but you’ll not regret it. 

Disclaimer though, the cider tastes like unsweetened porridge. 

Tusker Cider 

Tusker Cider

Tying with Savanna in popularity Tusker Cider now well in the market for over two years, it broke the monotony associated with the Tusker Lager. In terms of aesthetic appeal, the cider didn’t really do much but at the end of the day, a drink is judged by its personality, not looks. On opening, the cider has a distinct apple scent. 

On the first sip, you notice that the drink is sweet. I’m not particularly interested in sweet drinks but it has a likable flavor. On your tongue, you’ll feel like you’re having apple juice which I think makes it a good pair with a juicy a burger. 

With a 4.5% ABV, it is really light. I’d suggest this one for a polite night. Sit, order three and watch the night abate.  Women in Nairobi Clubs especially favour it, and the odd man, who doesn’t care if he will be judged. 



Snapp is cute. In the small can with a golden color. It feels like you’d keep it as a pet. You initially don’t want to drink it but on opening, it has an inviting smell. The apple flavor is noticeable but lighter than that of the Tusker cider. 

It has a very sweet taste. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve taken a sip of chilled apple juice. Only that it is at 4.5% ABV. This is definitely a feminine drink. For someone that likes their whisky neat over ice, it’s a pleasant treat. Along with Tusker Cider, I find it perfect for meals. However, do note that after a few you will be tipsy. 

Pro tip: use it as a chaser for your vodka. Don’t thank me though. You’ll be nursing a nasty hangover. 


I didn’t find any at the store, or in the neighbourhood, despite the heavy advertising. Maybe it is shy. But if you do know where I can get one, let me know. I like its elusiveness and maybe it is worth the chase. 

 So let’s try ciders this December yes?

For the record as The Kenyan Bar Guy, I endorse Savanna.  

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