Artcaffe Westminster: An Escape from the City’s Hubbub and a Boozy Surprise

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If you go to Artcaffe Westminster for any reason, let it be the ambiance and their boozy coffees.

Set in the folds of Kenyatta Avenue, somewhere between Sarova Stanley and Standard Chartered Bank, this should be the perfect location for your out-of-office meetings or your go-to study spot if the library’s not doing it for you today. 

The Ambience

Even when crowded, the place does not get noisy. I think the open-plan set-up takes the credit for that. 

The muted colors- jungle green chairs and black tables- an abundance of greenery, high ceilings, all work together to create the most calming effect away from the CBD’s usual hustle and bustle attitude. 

When I went there, there were a few art pieces here and there, and several empty spots on the main lobby’s wall. However, I understand that the month’s featured artist is Taabu Munyoki, so hopefully, we will see more of her artwork filling up those spaces. I think it is incredible that they provide such a platform for artists to display and sell their work. 


The title is in CAPS because of how excited I am about this menu item. I’ve tried their Irish Cream and the Hot Toddy, and for Ksh. 350, it is the boost you didn’t know your day needed. Hey, I’m not telling you to sneak a drink during work hours, but if you do, let it be Artcaffe’s boozy coffees. Brown sugar is the key that unlocks the Irish Cream, so have at it. The Hot Toddy is your everyday dawa (the famous ginger, lemon, and garlic mix) with a kick (the booze is the kick if I hadn’t made that clear). I haven’t tried Bailey’s Cream, but how about you do and let me know how you liked it?

The Food

The multitude of Somali restaurants cropping up around the CBD has Artcaffe beat on the cost and quality of food. For the price point, I’m not sure what I expected, but it isn’t what I got when I ordered the Chicken Agloglio- a chicken and pasta dish tossed in olive oil, tomatoes, lots of basil and chili kwa umbali. First off, as the waiter walked the dish towards me, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a second plate coming because the portion was ridiculously small. It had me wondering if I had ordered a plate with a side of Chicken Agloglio. The meal itself was moderately tasty, but nothing too exciting. 

The Service 

The quality of service is above average. The first visit may be daunting because the place is somewhat hidden, but you’ll meet a waiter at the entrance who will help you find a place to sit. There is always someone hanging around to get your order or help you with anything you need. The food doesn’t take too long to get to your table, although how long would it take to toss pasta and serve it? Maybe it would depend on your order, but I think they’re doing okay in this area. There were Mpesa delays on the day I went there, but the waiters were quite patient and helpful. 

Side tip: Always carry some cash with you!

Artcaffe Westminster is definitely worth your attention, especially if you’re looking for a trendy yet subtle environment to study or have your meetings. Oh, and definitely try the boozy coffees. You can ask them to make it stronger if you like, but maybe leave that till the end of the day after you’re done with work and waiting for traffic to ease up.

When it comes to interiors, few can match Art Cafe, Westminster, along Kenyatta Avenue, sandwiched between Sarova Stanley and Standard Chartered Bank.

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