DIY to Save Money, Have Fun and Save a Life

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Nothing like a good Do It Yourself (DIY) project to while the hours away during these strange social distancing times.

That deep sense of satisfaction, the inside leap (that often translates to an outside jump) of joy, and the knowledge that you made something or fixed it yourself. That golden feeling right there is why you should DIY more often. In this post, I highlight ten reasons why you should, nay, must make DIY a part of your weekly or monthly routine.

  1. That ‘I can do it’ type of feeling

DIY is a confidence booster for many reasons. You work on something, no matter how minimal, like my pineapple mint juice, and feel like you’re on top of the world. See a home decor item you like but don’t wanna buy it, make it yourself and enjoy the knowledge that you can. Because of DIY, I can confidently say I know what to do when there’s an airlock in my pipes. I can change up my home decor on the cheap. I know over 20 ways to use vinegar for cooking and cleaning. I’ll stop bragging now, but you get the point. DIY equips you to encounter most of life’s challenges.

  1. Save those shillings

Learning to do things yourself eliminates the need to hire others to perform simple tasks around the house. And allows you to own something you don’t want to spend a lot of money from because some brands make you pay like they’re punishing you. You can have beautiful things too, on the cheap, the true mark of a millennial.

  1. Miss/ Mr. Independent

This one doesn’t need much explaining. How many women does it take to fix a light bulb? One- You, because that’s how you roll.

  1. Don’t like it? Change it

So you bought a dress and didn’t love how the sleeves fit? Rip them up. Don’t like the color of your bedroom walls? Paint over them or DIY some wall hangings. Wanted a mirror you saw at a shop but it’s too expensive, find some cheaper supplies and make it yourself. Has your phone cover become an eye-sore? Find some glitter, prints some quotes, or grab some paint and get creative. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Don’t throw it away. Recycle!

Have old t-shirts you’re tempted to throw away? Tear them up and make some mats or kitchen towels instead. When you’re done with that yoghurt cup, spray paint it, and you have a vase or a planter.

  1. Learn! Learn! Learn!

Learn how to promote your business using social media tools. Learn how to bake a cake without an oven. Paint something. Sew something. Become a super-person because you can.

  1. This one’s for the kids

It’s a great way to bond with the kids, yours or borrowed :-). Build their brain muscle and yours with some fun crafts like paper flowers, puppets, collages.

  1. Make the perfect gift

Baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, weddings. It’s all too much to keep up with. You can DIY quick and simple gifts. Easy on the pocket and priceless because it’s made with love and most likely reflects the receiver’s best traits.

  1. Back to basics

Born and raised in Nairobi, I didn’t have much experience with farming. I feel cheated. The joy that comes with planting seeds/ seedlings watching them blossom, harvesting them, and finally using them in your kitchen is one I cannot adequately express. And it’s so kind on the pocket.

  1. Bragging Rights

Take that picture. Add that filter. Hashtag it. #Handmade #MadebyMe. Own it. Display it in your house, so when your friends come over, they can ooh and aah and stroke your ego.

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