Here’s Why You Should Get on the Self-Development Train

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My 60-day trial period for 2020 went by in a flash, occupied by one self-discipline book after another. Like the annoying newly married couple on your timeline, I am brimming with advice from my small small experience. Yeah, yeah. Motivational speakers sometimes say shit that makes your eyes roll. But other times, they’ll say something that will set off a spark inside you, and you will come alive.

The self-development train is approaching your station and here are a few reasons you should get on it:

  1. They can get you out of some funky spaces

You have been feeling out of sorts lately, can’t find the energy to leave your bed, clean up, and get stuff done. You’re avoiding your friends and family because you’re depressed and don’t want to be a burden. The dishes from last weekend are still in your sink because you can’t pull yourself together for 10 minutes. You’re falling apart. You’ve given up. You want the pain to end, yet you’re not sure you’re ready to find your light yet. And that’s okay.

Go on YouTube and watch some Engage Videos . Watch The Rock lift his weights as he urges you to put in the work. Let Kevin Hart show you how to put the heart into everything you do. Let their voices annoy you with their confidence and positivity. Pirate (don’t quote me) a copy of Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” or buy a copy if you can afford it. Laugh because their words are silly, and nothing’s as easy as they make it sound. Scoff and criticize, but keep reading. Somewhere, somehow, whether in the first book/ video or fifth or tenth, you’ll find your spark. You will find the words to pull you out of your funk and give you back the will to believe and try again.

  1. It’s an exercise for your mind

Your mind needs squats too! It’s a muscle (not literally) that needs to stretch and build so it can achieve its full potential. When you read books and watch videos about self-development, you flex your brain and sharpen your mind. You equip yourself to handle challenges better and identify opportunities quicker. The more you exercise your brain, the less it’s going to hurt when you have to make difficult decisions all day. Look at it this way: when you haven’t been exercising and then climb up and back down a steep flight of stairs, your thighs are going to burn. So if you haven’t been flexing your brain, it’s not going to be useful when you face unfamiliar challenges.

  1. They are a gateway drug to more reading

You’ve listed more reading as part of your 2020 goals. This is a perfect way to tick that off your list. Many of these books are short enough to read in one or two days, and the language and style are pretty simple to follow. Plus, once you read one, apply the lessons, and see actual improvements in your life, you will be eager to address other areas of your life that need changing. The only downside I’ve found is that the more I read self-development books, the less inclined I am to read fiction.

  1. They are better for your brain than porn

Ha ha. I guess this depends on what area of your life you want to change or improve. But really, self-development books put you in the right mindset to achieve your goals in the most efficient way. You are what you read or watch. So if you’re spending more time on porn than sharpening your skills and willpower that is where you will reap. Sure, you’ll have learned to scream like you’re dying, but how much closer does that get you to your ultimate vision?

5. Self-development is not limited to motivational mumbo jumbo

Maybe you’re over the motivational speeches that say you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You’ve put your mind there, but nothing is forthcoming. Self-development covers a lot more ground than motivational talks. Self-development is about finding out what you’re missing in your goal achievement journey. If there are habits you need to build, read a book about that. If you already have a system that works and you’re business is off the ground, take a course on advertising. If you don’t know how to speak to people, there are plenty of videos and literature you can refer to.

The train is choo-chooing to your station, and you’d be a fool to miss it. It’s 2020, dammit. If that’s not the perfect combination of numbers to inspire you, I don’t know what is.

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