It’s the Macron in me!

It’s the Macron in me!
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Ever studied a foreign language whose Romanised syllables or vowels do not make sense without the inclusion of a macron? I for one haven’t. But let us consider

Pinyin-the official Romanisation of Mandarin Chinese- syllable [ma] for instance. Depending on the macron above it which obviously dictates the tone and consequently the meaning, it could stand for the following nouns; mother, hemp (something to do with the cannabis plant apparently) or horse. It might as well mean scold (not the fishwife) – the verb. Anyway, that is beside the point. You see, a macron denotes exoticness; a form of phonetic idiosyncrasy calling for conventionalisation; never simple but is out-and-out normal like the French Macron.

In the year 1993, a 40-year-old female teacher was probably labelled a gauche for kissing back a 15-year-old teenage boy madly- in- crush with her. A similar scenario would lead to the woman being tagged a cougar in 2003. In 2017 however, the judges are hidebound no more.

Last April, France, a country with a rich history elected a president whose wife is 24 years his senior, in a clear indication that as much as vagaries of life are plenty, love for and even marriage with much older women by younger men of my ilk is not one of them.

Because of the courage of this young President, I am happy to declare that I am now a proud graduate of the great school of Macron. I am the Kenyan Macron.  The judges can now rest easy and hopefully this Macron wave can bring to an end the needless pontification that has characterised love affairs between older women and younger men over the years. My heart has always craved for women 5-20 years my senior. The tricky part is how to be ready for her. Leaving out the rest of the nitty-gritties, which are the most carefully selected words that I could use to convince her to sacrifice a part of her career for our ‘mini-us?’

A quick reminder to anyone reading this; I am a proud African man and an adherent of the Christian Faith. This is to mean that I don’t toy with morality. I simply want this woman because I am confident of several guarantees such as emotional support, experience-based advice, proper mature sex and straight-forward answers when I need them. Differently put, no time for games no non-sense type of companionship. Sounds like I am taking a short-cut but who knows I might end up being president too you know.

Scrap that. All I am saying is that to me personally, younger girls are like extremely hot tea. I love tea, mind you. I hate it when it comes to trying to figure it out how to drink it without leaving a scar on my tongue. When I end up with a scar, it leaves me confused on whether I love tea for its taste or due to the hypnotic aroma that calms Queen Elizabeth when she hears about Prince Harry’s nightclub mess from TMZ. I prefer older women. I like them. I always have and I am looking for one to call mine.

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