Jubilee Supporters Made their Bed and Now Must Sleep on It

Jubilee Supporters Made their Bed and Now Must Sleep on It
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Raila Odinga co-signed the Jubilee government’s new taxes and levies that are poised to go to war with the wallets and purses of Kenyan taxpayers.

And the Jubilee bloviators are livid! “How dare he?” they wonder. Some had the gall to demand that Raila needs to hit the streets or call for his supporters to demonstrate.

Curiously, most Uhuru supporters who derided the Uhuru Park swearing-in ceremony in which Raila was crowned “the people’s president,” wondered why Mr. Odinga had “abandoned” his “title” and chose to side with the “new” oppressors of the people!  Nevermind that they mocked the title as lacking in substance and legitimacy.

The irony stinks to the moon. 

All of a sudden, Jubilee supporters now care about policy minutiae and arcane issues impacting the people. The very issues that Jakom raised during the campaign but was laughed off as “the lord of poverty.” To them, nothing Mr. Odinga espoused made sense. Demonstrations to protest Jubilee’s encroachment and usurpation of basic rights were dismissed as a madman’s wet dream. 

And since Jubilee pleaded nolo contendere on its 2013 pie-in-the-sky promises that fell flat and were abandoned as soon as they were sworn-in at Kasarani, their supporters played the role of unindicted co-conspirators and shielded them from being held accountable for not only 2013, but also multiple sky-high cases of fraud and corruption that occurred under their watch.

It is laughable that they are now demanding accountability from an opposition leader while turning a blind eye to what the duo that they aided is doing to the Republic of Kenya. Picture that for a second. They still don’t have the guts to admit that they goofed big time. A lot that routinely accuses the Luo community of a cult mentality even though it is them who have never cast a ballot for an outsider, are now so scared to let the King know that he is naked and are still passing the buck! 

For once, Mr. Odinga has managed to expose the sheer entitlement and arrogance of Jubilee supporters and for that I support him. To his credit, or to some extent, Odinga the billionaire, is doing fine and is accorded head of state status at home and abroad while you the tribal chest-thumper is here crying about a VAT tax levy that you didn’t care to interrogate during the campaigns. 

To the uninitiated, the handshake was a country club agreement between the big boys of this nation, not you the online tough guy. And to prove his political chops, NASA as a coalition came out in support of the president – I am sorry- your God-chosen President whom you inundated us with how he was “duly-elected” not once but twice, with second one pitting him against voter turnout.

If I were Odinga, I would have done the exact same thing, just to stick it to a thankless lot. How does it feel seeing the “Lord of Poverty” hobnobbing with the high and mighty while those who were used and dumped like contraceptives are busy begging him to “check” the government? 

Conversely, M.r Odinga’s supporters are immuned to economic upheavals. Scratch that, they were economically vaccinated way back in the 1960s. They are used to these manmade economic atrocities and nothing shocks them. No amount cockamamies can shake their will and this just like the last decades will be just like another day in the office.

How about you Jubilee supporter? If you feel offended by Mr Odinga’s alleged perfidy, let me remind you that your Dad is also a man, he can pick up from where Mr. Odinga left. Better yet, you can also take the plunge and make a name for yourself. Until then, we are all for “completing the journey with Uhuru.”

Ama namna gani?


Mike Dande is a Washington DC-based political analyst. 

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