Let Nyashinski Be Free

Let Nyashinski Be Free
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90s kids will remember Nyashinski for two things; he was a bad boy since standard two and his legendary opening verse on the song by Klepto Tuendelee. Nyash was at a time in his career where the crew Klepto was high flying.

They were what a hip-hop crew needed to look like. They were authentic. They spoke to the masses. They had killer verses and their club bangers slapped hard.

But then somewhere along the line, the group went quiet. We all hoped it was a short break. Mostly we hoped they would be back bigger and better. We even secretly hoped they would come back with solo careers. We were wrong. At least for the next couple of years. Collo came back, saved with a marriage that had hit the rocks and was being rebuilt. He gave as a Christian club banger and a dance routine. Though if you listen closely the song resembles Makarena.

Nyash took a bit more time to step back up to the platform. When he did, he did not disappoint. “Now You Know” was an instant hit, from the land vendor on radio hyping it every minute to fellow celebrity friends sharing it all over social media. Nyash was back. But he sowed seeds of doubt in his fans. We had all seen the story before, a comeback then silence. The music industry was in a place where artists, at least most of them, had fed us consistency. Thank you Khaligraph Jones and Sauti Sol. But safe to say, Nyash delivered. A few hits later we knew he was here to stay.

Now, recently Nyash released a new song. Free.



Before writing this I listened to the song a few times. I did not want to miss anything. You know, how these artists get? Having lyrics with double entendres that only hit you three years later when you are changing your daughter’s diaper. I didn’t catch any.

The song though has an immediate vibe. You know how you listen to a song and you know it will not need convincing to like? That is Free. You could be randomly sitting on the train and someone has this on their ringtone, when their phone rings, you will hate them for answering. The tune will stick in your mind for days until the next time you hear it. Then you too will get it and have it on repeat.

Nyash and his producer are really experimental. With Free, you feel an instant Carribean vibe blended to a Jazz feel. Nyash sings through the song dropping verses here and there. The thing with this is that he is good at both and is very fluid. Most times you do not notice he made the switch you will just catch a punch line and be like “Oh, he is rapping now?”

I feel that this song won’t do really well in clubs. That sphere is currently being dominated by mindless lyrics and groovy beats. But when it comes to radio play they will exhaust it. It is a song that will do well in open events, blankets like. It is a song that needs more attention than just blind dance and hype. Over the next few weeks, we won’t be surprised to see it top charts and dominate for another good amount of time.

Now, this is where I get a bit personal. See there are many guys on social giving Nyash lip because he keeps addressing haters. They want to know if that is what all his songs are going to be about. They are naysayers. They ignore the process that goes into making music. That maybe Nyash is at a time of his life where he’s had to prove a lot to be where he is. But you see the thing is the more they talk the more they prove him right.

The chap is talented. From what I hear he is also a pretty down to earth guy. So let him breathe. We did not complain when he came to us with “skiza hii story vizuri jamaa rap naifanyia chapaa na mafans wanaonipenda ata sa ata mkinichukia siwezi jaliata” we should not complain when he says “ata ka unipendi unajua nani beast apa na levels za udeadly ukujua zina exist ata” we should appreciate his prowess and clearly next level music genius.


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