M-Zawadi Launches First Fully Digitized Manufacturers’Coupons in Kenya

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M-zawadi launched fully digitized manufacturers’ coupons and a fully automated Cashback platform for brands and businesses which are the first of their kind in Kenya.

The two innovations are set to change how brands interact and reward clients during the coronavirus pandemic and after.

The innovations will revolutionize how brands will do promotions, engage and reward clients. The arrival of the innovation is even more timely, in the time in the pandemic when most businesses are disengaging with their clients, because of the disruption caused by the virus.

Manufacturers’ coupons are common in the US markets. Now, with an a fully automated process, middle-men are eliminated, reducing costs of product promotions by huge margins.

“We wanted to change how promotions and brands create incentives, reward clients and engage them, these technologies are not only going to reduce the turnaround time for running promotions, but will significantly reduce the cost of promotions.” said Naftal Nyabuto, the CEO during the online live launch.

“These innovations will help brands create incentives that can significantly reduce client dollar spend and transform the route to market for manufacturers in entirety,” he added.

The products include a cashback product that enables brands to directly return money back to clients’ pockets, for shopping or purchasing their products, anywhere in the country.  By using mobile money services, this is going to transform cashback technologies for many years to come. The other product is the manufacturer’s coupons which are a first and will help manufacturers to not only directly give digital coupons to their clients, but also engage them directly. Digital manufactures coupons will eliminate the need for paper coupons, middlemen and other major promotional costs, and provide client data tracking for brands.

M-Zawadi was launched in 2016, and currently the leading loyalty programs provider in Kenya and East Africa, with clients cutting across all industries, ranging from Manufacturing, FMCGs, Financial Institutions, Insurance and Retail businesses.

“With cutting edge technologies anchored in blue ocean strategy, we have transformed entirely transformed the loyalty industry and processes in Kenya,”” said Nyabuto.

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