Melanin-Sauti Sol ft Patoranking-Our Verdict

  • on Fri, 1st December 2017 9:32 AM
2015 MTV Africa Music Awards
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I love Sauti Sol. They are industrious, passionate and well, easy on the eyes. I have witnessed their growth and success, from a fan’s chair. Which is why I have very many glowing words when it comes to their new hit, Melanin, featuring Patoraking.

Melanin is timely. It comes at a time when light skin is still thought to be better than dark skin. Just recently Dove and Nivea made very offensive ads that they had to pull them down from the media.

In deed, many young and old women and men spend a fortune in skin lightening creams, forgetting to bleach their knuckles that remain darker than your favourite slay-queen’s future.

There is the moral debate and the ridiculous stance on the sexualizing of women. I say claptrap.

The video is as great as videos get, despite bearing some similarity to the Particula video.

At some point, I expected the great Jidenna to show up.

The video in four words: The women are gorgeous. They will make you repent all your sins, include the yet to be committed ones.

The butts were well-sculpted and breasts very perky, really easy on the eye. There is one with a tiny pot in the place of a flat tummy and that gave me so much joy. We aint all perfect, are we?

Of course they had to grind against each other. What is a millennial video without grinding? Gah! Rather, corny. Such horny humans.

Side-shows aside, this song and video is great. It celebrates dark skin, melanin, and everything African.

Of course, there are reservations when it comes to the lyrics, which might have sounded basic (lyrically, Sauti Sol always kept their lyrics simple and relatable) but isn’t there elegance in simplicity? And the need to have rhyme and rhythm. It is a song after all.

Also, South Sol, always loved their guitar. It has been an outstanding feature of their music.  At the start were a perfect thought and for a second I was thrown back to the days of Queen by Longombas.

It is a bit slow-paced and is not exactly the greatest song to dance to in a club but hey, we saw the grinding. May be in the early sober hours of clubbing. But the magic of the song is in the uplifting appreciation of the much-aligned dark skin.

The video was steamy, no doubt. There was so much going on. Sex in clothes. Bien looked stunning, Chimano, like a god, Savara looked like sex and Patoraking, like that ex who keeps getting hot but refuses to remove his shirt. Man’s not hot, no? It did get wet at some point and I expected more action from the build-up throughout the song. That was disappointing.

The use of Ankara swimwear and natural hairstyles did it for me. It was beautiful and went a long way to show how rich the dark African body can look.

The arrangement of the song might have been a style thing, which I appreciate but I really wish Chimano had more airplay in the song. Why? It is Chimano. His voice can impregnate an entire village.

I loved the part of the bonfire by the beach and women swinging their taut asses and boobs, as Bien doing pidgin or is it ragga. It is about everything that makes Africa so magical.

Did the song and video make me feel great as a black woman? Of course. As expected, there is the moral debate and the ridiculous stance on the sexualizing of women. I say claptrap.

What I see when I watch the video is beautiful skin, beautiful humans and a celebration, a lovely and wild celebration.




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