Micro-Divorce: 5 Signs that She is Not Ready for the Marriage, and She is Using You

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Let us talk about the question of micro-divorce that my friend Silas has talked about.

Men move in with women and take husband roles. While living together, they believe they have married or heading the marriage way. Some few years down the line, wanaachwa.

Let me tell men something that no one tells them. Women are full of tricks. If you see a nice and homely lady committed to a guy she is not engaged to or married, look deeper. Sometimes, especially where money is concerned, things are not what they seem.

A close male friend recently came to me with a puzzle about his present relationship with this woman is. He has been dating this girl for five years, supporting her a great deal when living together.

If you live with a lady because you work in the same town or near her place of work, that is a living arrangement. It’s not marriage.

If you live with a lady because you work in the same town or near her place of work, that is a living arrangement. It’s not marriage.

Now, our guy wants a child. The girl says he needs to pay part of the dowry as a show of his commitment. Have you ever heard of such horse shit? Of course, our guy thinks if he does that, then voila! He will be a proud father.

I told my friend his girlfriend is not serious and she is waiting for the right time (when she’s financially stable), and off she will go. He did not believe me. The girl just left after dating the man for over six years.

Guys, don’t move in with a lady unless you are married.

If you live with a lady because you work in the same town or near her place of work, that is a living arrangement. It’s not marriage.

The women know they are spilling water they can collect. Again, it offers them financial and emotional convenience-for a short while as they wait for the men of their dreams.

That is why some of those ladies will live with you, have mind-blowing sex but wake up and pray for God to provide a husband. Material possessions don’t matter; they know how the script will end.

Because I am in a good mood today, I will give you guys the litmus paper and the ink to test if a lady is in it for the long term or not. Here are things you need to look out for.

1.You have dated for years, but she still feels it’s not the right time to have a kid. She pops P2s, or always on strict birth control. She will die or even have a secret abortion if family planning fails.

2. She insists you need to be financially stable to have a kid. Don’t forget you are providing. What this lady is telling you is that she is not in it for a long time. Yaani anapima pima aone Bet gani ya high stakes itaiva.

3. Still on kids, if you have one kid and she is not interested in getting a second one, it’s a red flag. Unless she has a medical condition, she is making her burdens lighter so that she has little baggage when she meets the love of her life. She doesn’t see potential or a great future with you.

4. She is not bothered whether you introduce her to your friends or family. In the same instance, she doesn’t introduce you to most of her friends and family.

5. She always needs money or material things and pegs the lifeline of the relationship on it. She’s worried you can part ways before she accumulates enough.

6.She has a string of male friends. Therein lie her potentials and your suitable replacements.

But guys in love have no ears. Anytime a male friend or close relative bites the dust, I laugh inwardly. I glow with dark amusement because huwa hawaski.

They like playing Romeo to thug girls who perform bloodless heart transplants. Even if you look into  their situation and tell them unacheswa, they will say, “Acha tu nione vile kutaenda”. To them, it’s not over until it’s over. And that’s after they see their hearts on the table and their money is gone.

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