Nairobi Cool’s Top 15 Songs of 2020

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2020 has been an asshole. Horrible. Scary. Blurry. Unpredictable. Nothing about this year has been normal. It started with bats and then everything went south. Millions of lives have been lost. Jobs, marriages, and relationships have died. It has been the coldest year ever. When you think you are at your worst, when you think this is it, I’m done, I can’t take this anymore, something else happens and you’re like what the hell is going on? How bad can a year really get? 2020 has been bloody cruel. Like someone opened the gates of hell and left them wide open.

Despite things going downhill, we are lucky we had good music. Great music to keep us going even when the world was going up in flames. Artistes outdid themselves, some releasing hits after hits, albums and extended playlist (Eps). Gengetone music, a big movement, is still thriving and with the birth of new artistes, its future is promising.

Take a look at some of the great songs that made our year.

15. Foto Moto – Noti Flow and Benzema

This was a great jam with amazing instrumentals, fire beats and good lyrics. It’s a smooth song with some good vibes and one of the best collabos of the year.

Other great tracks that made it to our list are; Mi Siwezi by Kahush. Ndoto by Bahati and Mbogi Genje. Pandemik by Benzema, Nellythegoon and Dmore. Story Ilianza by Boutross. Wanani by Bahati. Jirani amenimada by Faith Stan and Timmy Tdat.

14. Pakua –Jovial x Mejja

Jovial is one of the greatest female singers we have in Kenya. Her voice is sexy and irresistible. Pakua is a lovely song, smooth with a taarab vibe. Mejja’s rap and verse makes it more entertaining and fun to listen to.

13. Gwaash – Bad manners

Anytime you hear, niko sherehe na haitaki hasira, you just know it’s about to go down. The song gives you some awesome vibes even though you might not understand everything they say. The beat is lit, the flow great and the wordplay on point. This is another club banger that deserves more love. The producer did a good job.

12. Wangu – Nadia Mukami Ft Sanaipei Tande

There’s too much talent in this song. Talent and beauty. Sanaipei and Nadia are one of the greatest female vocalists we have in the country. Them working together brought forth a Swahili banger, that was received with love by the masses and will continue ruling the airwaves.

11. Khaligraph Jones – Yes Bana ft Bien

This has been a good year for Papa Jones. He set the bar high when he released Yes Bana in January an epic song that’s still in our playlists. Bien spices up the song, with a beautiful chorus that adds melody and color to the song. It is entertaining. The producer Motif did an amazing job. Hao was a beautiful song that was enlightening.

10. Utawezana – Femi One X Mejja

This song was a major hit. It played in clubs, matatus, shops, everywhere. It was like the Jerusalema of that time. It’s a simple song, playful, and the way its set in a conversation like manner makes it more interesting to listen to. This was a banger, with absolutely amazing beats and a good flow.

9. Kamati ya Roho Chafu – Willy Paul ft Bien

This song is absolute fire. A great tune that just gets you in the mood for having a good time. And everything from the instrumentals, to Bien’s verse and the video is just magnificent.

Willy Paul working with Bien was one of the best decisions ever made because they gave us something entertaining and memorable. A hit that makes you want to Be be bend umugongo.

I might be struck by lightning if I forget to mention the video vixen. That ass…

8. Chain Chain – Chris Kaiga

Can you mention Kenyan music industry without mentioning Chris Kaiga? He is such a vibe. Distinct. Funny. Always playing with words to give us good and witty lyrics. He has a unique sound, creative videos and I believe he is the best thing to ever happen in Kenya’s music industry.

The instrumentals to this song slap like a good kachumbari, accompanied with mutura. And sets you in a good mood. It’s a lively song and flows like a river. Surely, what did we do to deserve Chris Kaiga?

Mastingo featuring Kahush was a great jam too.

7. Cheza Kama wewe – Trio Mio

This young guy is the next big thing in the Kenyan industry. He is cool, simple, talented and he doesn’t even try to shine, he just shines. You know those songs you listen to and you are like lemme listen the second time and see if the song grows in me? This one you love it as soon as you hear it.

His lyrics are awesome. The flow is amazing, the beats, electric. This club banger and Lewa belong in the same WhatsApp group.

Matata is an exceptional band. They are great composers, stylish, unique, fun to listen to, and do those guys have bones? Because the way they move their waists, makes you think if they are also flexible in other areas.

Gengetone love is. Easy and relaxing. Has a good flow and killer beats. Feels like the smell of rain on a hot day. Their wordplay is incredible and this line killed me. Utanyonga joint kwanza ama cork. Damn, who are these guys? Thumbs up for the videography, it was spectacular.

Mare Mare was also a great hit. It took Kenya by storm and Lamaz Span nailed his verse. From the dance, to the beats, the song is epic.

5. Watoto na pombe – Otile Brown & Mejja x Magix Enga

This was one of the best collabos of the year. A huge track and an absolute club banger. Smooth, flowing, great beats and as always Mejja nailed his verse. Otile has surely taken Kenya’s music to another level and come 2021, this song will still be a hit.

We also need to give credit to the producers Magix Enga and Viky Pon Dis for such an amazing track.

4. El Shaddai – Hart The band

This song was a hit in 2020, despite it being released in 2019 as part of their Made in the streets Album. A great album with a fusion of poetry, rich sound, creativity, amazing vocals and life.

El Shaddai is a beautiful inspirational song. An uplifting one. A song that speaks to your soul. It has been a blessing to many people especially during this time of worry and uncertainty. It is a reminder that we have no control over anything and it’s always best to let the big guy in control, because when you let go, you make peace with yourself and the universe.

3. Suzanna – Sauti Sol

The celebrated boy band, Sauti Sol, started the year well after signing an exclusive recording deal with Universal Music Group. Since then, things have been looking up for them. When they dropped Suzanna, their first single off the album Midnight Train, fans went gaga and couldn’t have enough of it.

If you are keen with the sound, you’ll notice how perfect the guitar is played. It can give you an orgasm. This was a masterpiece. With a great authentic African vibe, colorful vintage style and sensible message, though Kenyan women cannot survive on hisia only. These guys make you proud to be a Kenyan. And their album, hats off.

2. Dusuma – Otile Brown ft Meddy

When does this guy ever rest? He has been producing hits like no one’s business and collaborating with other artistes to create magic. He featured Prezzo in Ndagukunda, a beautiful song, with a video vixen who has an ass that can you can’t resist.

Anyway, Dusuma is a lovely song. It can make you feel as if you are in love. As if you are in a happy solid relationship yet you wake up to Safaricom and Tala texts. This was certainly going to be a hit because Otile and Meddy are talented, hardworking, smooth and their voices are lovely. It has received massive love and airplay and I doubt if this song will be forgotten any time soon.

  1. Lewa – Parroty X Kabagazi X OneBoy X Mejja

This is undeniably one of the biggest tunes of 2020. It is simple, but yet has a good flow, a catchy chorus and sick beats all thanks to Jegede the producer. It has a good vibe that gets you in the partying spirit and baptizes you with a different type of energy. There’s life in the song. It can make a crippled walk again. It can never get boring and come 2021, it’ll still be a hit. This is a club banger and has become the drunkard’s national anthem. But do we say?

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