Opinion: Jubilee Supporters Played like Naive Girls

Jubilee Supporters Made their Bed and Now Must Sleep on It
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Donald Trump was sworn in as the American president a year ago.

His electoral victory came as a surprise to not only the whole world but even the candidate himself. The suits around Trump-world were busy posturing for a post-defeat economic stimulus package for they, like the rest of the world, knew that that November night belonged to Hillary Clinton. The plan was to make enough political noise to be relevant enough to make a killing by being the de facto opposition leaders and make a fortune with the derived uber-celebrity status.

The pawns in this effort were the clueless voters whose support was the requisite springboard to catapult the candidate to just the right place. The voters, bought the making America great storyline, hook, line, and sinker. And in return, did what they had to do to achieve the goal. But there was just one problem. They were not in on the grand scheme. And one year down the line and with nothing concrete to sing about except one spectacular gaffe after another, they are now exhibiting severe cases of buyer’s remorse. And the Democrats are loving it!

 With a string of Democratic victories registered in recent special elections, the Democrats are laughing all the way to the ballot box and are poised to deliver the mother of all beatdowns this November. Their message? We told you so and you didn’t listen, now DEAL WITH IT!

With reports of severe economic times ahead for Jamhuri ya Kenya, increase in Unga prices, exorbitant fees for secondary schools and a substantial uptick in fuel prices, the people of Kenya (especially Jubilee voters) are now acting like they just landed from Pluto!  It is as if Jubilee’s manifesto and the campaign was just a scene from an old-school movie or some Nigerian soap opera. 

Jubilee voters are now kvetching in faux outrage as if we didn’t tell them what was going to happen. They unsheathed their lyrical swords and took out all those who verbalized sense. The opposition’s ideas were verboten and were never interrogated because they were deemed dangerous and from ‘unholy’ folk who were considered uninitiated. Any call for a serious debate on policies was met by ultra-male figures inveighing and waxing lyrical about how illegitimate alternative views were.

But what we are witnessing is akin to band-aid economic wet-dreams that do more harm than good.

Fast-forward to 2018 and with no white knights on horsebacks coming to rescue us from this economic quandary, suddenly, Jubilants are now in agreement that Kenya is headed to the Weimar Republic. How ironic?

Those of us who believed in alternative views hereby refuse to be pigeonholed with political demagogues who chose expediency over substance, we refuse to be lumped together with those who chose the tribe over the greater good and finally, we vehemently and unequivocally, call out the breathtaking blanket bromides used in characterizing the Kenyan body politic because we know that back then, some of us knew better but a few, who falsely believed that they owned Kenya,  ignored our calls and are now conveniently speaking for us! 

Furthermore, more depressing news are hitting the shelves and airwaves. We just learned that we are borrowing more money, not to spur growth by way of investment, but to pay debts! Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul! Traditionally, external borrowing is usually tailored to infrastructural endeavor in order to help grow our economy, but what we are witnessing is akin to band-aid economic wet-dreams that do more harm than good. 

Just a few years ago, the opposition blew the whistle on the euro-bond heist. Billions of shillings meant for infrastructural development, somehow, inexplicably, went into covering recurring expenditure and individual offshore accounts. The Treasury is yet to unravel the full accounting of the voodoo economics that surrounded the whole issue. Nonetheless, Kenyans and their great grandchildren will have to pay for it. 

The beleaguered government is on the verge of massive retrenchments and this time it is not under the strict instructions of the New Jersey-based Bretton Woods institutions under the SAPS, it is on the heels of the sober realization that the country is deeply in red!  The bad news is that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The common mwananchi is on his own while the fat cats are buying multi-billion shilling hotels with civil servants salaries. The A,B,C and D of this is that the economy is headed south while the fat cats are swimming in wealth siphoned from the public coffers.

To be clear, none of these are breaking news, the opposition raised the alarm, four score and seven years ago, but the calls fell on deaf years because, as they put it: ” ni kizungu mingi tu.” Well, it’s now clear that the kizungu mingi was ominous and here we are, dealing with what we foresaw and telegraphed but like the mythological Cassandra the truth-teller, we were ignored.

We the people of goodwill, hold this great country in high regard and refuse to subscribe to the hypocrisy of the imposters whose powers are derived from the barrel of a gun and senseless killings.  You can’t complain when it is convenient while it’s clear that just a few months ago, you and your ilk, checked all your thinking hats at the door. Nice try, but we can smell the hypocrisy from miles away. 



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