Our Valentine’s Day Playlist

Our Valentine's Day Playlist
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We all love Toni Braxton’s sultry, sexy, elegant and hulky contralto. And definitely on Valentine’s Day, it helps if she is on your playlist. We scoured through the best love songs over the years. And here is a bit of everything, from the past to the present. 


26. Toni Braxton-Spanish Guitar

 Ever felt like playing your lover like a Guitar?

25. Rock me Tonight-Freddie Jackson

No crooner penned some of the sauciest songs than Freddie…


24. Gregory Abbot-Shake you down

Easily one of the greatest and most well-done song reaching instrumental and vocal perfection. 

23. Karyn White-Can I Stay with You

Babyface-penned one of the most magical love-making songs. It will give the man all the energy as Karyn begs if you can stay with her for the rest of her night. 

22. Babyface-The Reason for Breathing

If you are older, you will listen to this, memories will flood back and you will get angry why Babyface never won a Grammy…Damn. 

21. Keisha White-The Weakness in me

Her cover of the song is considered the best. And we agree. 

20. Keith Sweat &Athena Cage-Nobody

Man. A woman can fall pregnant from just listening to this. 

19. Raphael Saadiq-All I ask of You

Sir Elton John once wrote in the Time magazine that Saadiq is one of the most talented musicians to ever walk on earth. This 1995 soundtrack to the movie Higher Learning that introduced Tyra Banks is timeless. 

18. Eternal-Oh Baby I

Back then when women were romantic, they used to tell men all the nice things. Now the women who enjoyed Eternal are probably middle-aged, and such is life. 

17. Blue-You make me wanna

Blue was particularly famous for having a black member, but also their jams One Love and One for the money were great danceable tracks. But also, You make me wanna was big, but never quite a hit in Kenya.

16. All 4 One-Not Ready for Goodbye

A very underrated song, but once you hear it, it will stick in your mind forever.

15. Boris Gardiner-I wanna wake up with you

Arguably, the greatest reggae love song. 

14. Judy Boucher-If this is love my dear

This song on a good bass system is everything. 

13. Shola Ama-Who is loving my baby

Whatever happened to Shola Ama?

12. Eric Benet & Tamia-Spend My Life with You

Many remember Eric Bennet as the man who cheated on the most beautiful woman on earth. But we remember him for this perfect collabo.

11. Beyonce- Cater 2 U

Before Beyonce got political and too commercialized and before Kelly Rowland went naked and Michelle Williams got saved, this is the kind of music they used to serve. Shall we go back to time when women would cater to the men…

10. Ray C- Na wewe milele

You move closer home and remember a time when Ray C did one of the best Bongo songs from the aughts. 

9. Juliana Kanyamozi &Bushoke-Usiende Mbali

Anyone aged 28-40, will always remember this song fondly, especially dancing to it with their best lover in their more innocent days. 

8. Johnny Gill-My My My

The vocals. The emotions. The words. The song proves what a vital vocalist Gill was and how useful an addition he was to the New Edition.  

7. Craig David – Rendezvous

We all know, it is going down, at his place tonight. 

6. Boyz II Men-I will make Love to you

Of course, this was going to make it to this list. Somehow. 

5. Shontelle &Akon -Stuck with Each Other

For the couples who are tired of each other, but have to keep it going Valentines is a day to rekindle that love. 

4. R Kelly- You remind me of something

We all go back to the video clip to see Chante Moore at her hottest. 

3. NSYNC &Gloria Estefani-Music of My Heart

Ever loved someone so much you felt that they are the music and the soundtrack of your life. The song is just musical purity. 

2. Luther Vandross &Gregory Hines-Nothing Better than Love

So sad, that both the two legends are gone. But this song from 1986, will be sung to the end of time. 

1. Men-of-Vision-Break me off

The greatest and dirtiest love-making jam. All those dirty things that one can say when in the throes of passion. 

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