Postcard From the North: Samburu National Reserve

Postcard From the North: Samburu National Reserve
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So, after the break of the New Year, you languidly report to work, your body too fatigued from the December holiday celebrations.

If you have a crazy boss, you will find that they have set targets for you, with the knowledge that you had a very long holiday to unwind, and it is not yet even January 4 th. And if the boss is female, she will even ask you to work on weekends so that you can finish working on the report you left pending when Christmas came calling.

You overwork yourself. Break a ceiling there, hit or miss a target there and by the second week of January, you feel like you can use another Christmas break. But you push yourself beyond your elastic limit by the time you finish working on the report. Your body is threatening to shut down.

Your head pounds like an Isikuti drum being punished by some church in Vihiga. You know those ear-shattering drumming common in the 8,500 churches in one village in Vihiga? You have such a blinding, deafening and numbing headache, that literally drives you to the edge. Damn. So much for lack of sleep. In fact, you can literally hear your joints creak, like a rusted jalopy. Your back and neck ache. No painkillers or litres of water can relieve your body of the pain.

But on a Thursday, after submitting the report, waiting for approval, it hits you, you have a free weekend. Friday evening can be the best time to get away. Grab a rucksack. Forget not, like I did, to carry with you a good camera for good memories. A road trip northwards will be worthwhile. You can get a group of your friends to drive with you up north. From Nairobi, make a stop at Nanyuki and if you are a coffee freak, drop by Java Nanyuki at Cedar Mall to refuel your tank (in my mother tongue, a stomach is also called a tank that requires refilling). There is a Java Nanyuki at cedar mall, for you urban freaks.

From Nanyuki, Isiolo is less than an hour away.  There is nothing much to do or see in Isiolo unless you want to pass some time, in which case you can walk around the city with the highest number of miraa chewers. Also in Isiolo, you will encounter people who suffer various mental illnesses.


Isiolo has a large population of street families. No offense to my great friends from Texas J

 Archers Post

Accessing Archers Post from Isiolo is pretty easy.

There are frequent public means of transport and is half an hour travel.

There is so much you can see on the way, but hey, lets focus. Head straight to Archers, because there is more that will be waiting for you.

At Archers, there are fairly good places to spend. They also play very good music at the drinking joints, and you would probably mistake that you are in either Nanyuki or somewhere in the UK with the British Military presence.

Don’t also be scared of the many land rovers and Bedford trucks. One can spend a night in Archer’s Post and leave in the morning for the Samburu National Reserve. You can still make it to the SNR same day if one chooses to. Archers is a home to the Samburu People.

Samburu National Reserve is the representation of nature and wildlife at its best. Of Nature defying itself. The pristine riverine vegetation, the wildlife, the wide rangelands, tented camps and luxurious hotels! Nothing can really be said about this place. It just should be felt. You take in all that life has to offer. Good food. I stayed at Larsen’s camp, and their food was great. They offer game drives too, with great tour guides. I was able to see a Lion, Elephants, Giraffes, Oryx, the Grevy Zebras, Gazelles, Crocodiles, a Leopard, A cheetah! Damn! I saw the whole wild…

I was served the best-brewed coffee I have ever had my whole life…


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