Sexorcised: A Poetic Review

  • on Wed, 14th October 2020 1:10 PM
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S. E. X. O. R. C. I. S. E. D.

This is how it goes.

Bruce Momanyi suddenly finds himself in unfamiliar territory, wife cheating, bastard son and divorce.

It’s the space between knowing it’s happening and waiting for it to happen where the mind can run away, a train off tracks, dangerously close to burning up in a way that might take too long to come back from.

This is the tricky space.
That is the expanse to take great care with.
That is the divide he is at now. So, he wait. Mind unclear, memories of the past, regrets and pain.

It’s hard to understand how love can easily break, how to lose sight of a life in spite of it being right in front of you.

Because, you can live without living.

You can love without feeling.
You can feel without letting the feeling hit you deep.
It may seem like contradictions, but anyone who has been drowning in plain sight understands the way opposites can still be true at the same time.

Bruce soothes this melancholia, this sadness, this heaviness with alcohol and sex and women…

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