Shame on the Kenyan Media for Shunning Nyashinski’s Shin City

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A few years from now our children and grandchildren will look back, and in their desire to know what happened during the Shin City concert, they will turn to the internet. They will use whatever keywords they will think of, but they might never get enough information that will describe this glorious event. 

I might be quick to judge, but our mainstream and digital media have failed to highlight how important Shin City is to the entertainment industry. Not even talking about it like it matters. 

For a man who has been in the music industry for close to two decades, Nyamari Ongegu, formerly a member of kapuka rap group Kleptomaniax, knows exactly what he wants; to bring value to his fans. Even back then between 2002and 2009, the musical group, consisting of Collins Majale (Collo of Bazokizo), Robert Manyasa (Roba), and Nyamari Ongegu (Nyashinski), was a household name. As The Standard observes, “Fresh, energetic and oozing charisma, every guy wanted to be them and every girl wanted to be with them.”

Now, we can look back and reflect on the days when Kleptomaniax, and thus Nyashinski, was a name that many would love to be associated with. Every hood would listen to Haree, Tuendelee, Swing Swing, Kabeibe, among other songs that topped charts back in the days. These glorious years saw Kleptomaniax nominated and awarded several accolades; from MTV Europe Music Awards, to Chaguo La Teeniez Awards to Kisima awards. 

With this history of excellency, Nyashnki’s journey to maximize his potential should have been told over and over by our local media, if the international media cared less. A few days before the event that was held on Sat, April 16, 2022, major news outlets published headlines that revealed they expected a historic moment. Two days after the event (by the time I am writing this article), there are very few headlines online(Maybe we will get something in print later this week). Maybe it is Easter and most journalists are having fun. Or maybe, for those that did not experience Shin City, there is nothing to publish about it. 

The crowd was entranced by Nyashinski whose return to the musicfold has been nothing short of a phenomenon. Photo: Nyanshnski Instagram

If I was to take you down memory lane, you would dance on the homey memories of his 2020 virtual concert, that saw him serving the world electric performances amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to Capital FM’s The Sauce, 

“Nyashinski was dressed to impress, the performance was well-rehearsed and thought through, the production was seamless and the 4Count band did an amazing job of backing him up.”

KenyanNews wrote, “From the arrangement to the transition, it all rolled over smoothly like a ball on a freeroll downhill,” adding, “…nothing else mattered. Comments came in fast and furious. Joy was all over, like confetti in the wind – scattered and glorious.”

It was with heightened expectations that I wanted to read all about Shin City. Was there a stellar, storytelling performance? Was the more than two months of rehearsals and preparation worth it? Did Nyashinki bring the A game? What is with TUKO publishing an article about Njugush and Wakavinye having fun together while Judy Nyawira (Abel Mutua’s wife) “was left gazing as the two love birds romantically enjoyed the show?” 

This performance by the Kenyan media (both mainstream and digital) reminds us that we should always celebrate the living. Nyashinski is one of the biggest artists in the 254 and I do not see any reason why we do not have many headlines after Shin City. I might not understand the politics that govern which story goes to press, but I surely know between the video clips of Njugush and Wakavinye dancing and Nyashinki’s performance, I would put more weight on the concert. Whatever the reason, it is a shame we cannot celebrate our start a man who has shown us that it is possible to do it no matter what the circumstances are. 

Nyashinski is and will always be our legend. Let’s always remember that.

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