Sikera Premium Cider is Honestly Redundant

Sikera Premium Cider is Honestly Redundant
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You know the way you like something so much that you get a similar one but in a different color or size? But then you quickly realize, maybe you never needed the second one. The first works perfectly well. The only consolation is you now have more than one option to choose from.

I feel that is what Kenya Breweries Limited did when they introduced Sikera Premium Apple Cider. Tusker Cider did very well, we totally love (d) it, and they were like, oh, let us give them an alternative; maybe have the Unique Selling Point a Premium Cider’.

In the last few years, ciders seem to proliferate the market. Why?

Apparently a ‘consumer study’ was done and ‘this new world brand has been specifically developed to meet the changing consumer palette’. Mimi I’d just like to know what percentage of Kenyan consumers were included in this study. Granted women have taken to ciders as the new fad, but the trendier thing is Whiskey. Kenyans I have met latch on whiskey bottles like an infant to his mother’s breast. Those of us who sometimes prefer light, fruit-flavored drinks were doing very well with the Tusker Ciders and Snapps of this world.

Make no mistake, Sikera tastes just fine. On a good day, you can enjoy it. Or more accurately, you won’t mind it. But was it absolutely necessary? Or it is one of those drinks that enter the market and exit pole pole, nobody notices?

I feel like this move is so much like a Luo man with new money getting additional wives for no reason whatsoever but to say ‘here, look, I have another!’ to his boys. Which is the only reason they ever get additional wives.

The other reason Sikera doesn’t warm my heart is that little bottle. Add to the fact that I will be spending the same amount of money on it as on its sister the Tusker Cider. Someone make me understand how that even makes financial sense. Because practically, ciders are not drinks you will consume ati sijui three of them. They don’t give you a high, even a slight one if you are a hardened drinker, which beats the whole point of an alcoholic drink. So, chances are if I’m buying a cider it is to chase down a meal, or to chill with it for a bit then move on to something else. Sasa why will I get a smaller bottle when I have the option of a whole 500ml one with better taste? Ah.

On the flip side though, there’s a small chance I would get a Sikera. On those days I’m in my stilettos perched somewhere on a bar counter, committed to practicing my ladyship for a day. I would only drink it in a wine glass because truth be told, that Sikera bottle saves face. Lewks, as we millennials, call it. You can’t ati start drinking it in a glass someone who was drinking Whitecap the previous night put their lips on. Ha. I’ve never seen people drinking Guinness treated the same way, just like the Kings they are.

On the day I get the Sikera, I would probably not be one paying for it. But until then, I will think of Sikera with love, as I consume my Tusker Cider in perfect peace. Pesa bado inakuja account moja, ama niaje KBL?



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