The Best of “Books as Outfits”

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The idea of staying at home is not foreign. Most of us love the confines of our spaces, but with the exception of having the option to go out if we wanted. When this option is taken away, then staying at home starts to feel like a prison.  

But, social media is helping all of us cope. They are no shortages of challenges that you can participate in or basically just appreciate. We had the “don’t rush” challenge, that brought the best out of our women.  Basically, guys would show us a glow up. It was fun. The beauty in those challenges was unrivaled, heck even the gents showed up and did their thing. It was entertaining despite a few people throwing mud at the challenge – party poopers. 

However, this latest challenge is something to behold. Book readers did not want to be left behind. They decided to show us what books match their attire and it was simply beautiful. Here are some previews to some of the challenges nailed on Twitter. Feel free to log in and follow the tag #BooksAsOutfits.

Here are some of our best!

  1. Bae-Noir.

She went for elegance, and a brilliant selection of books. Great taste…

2., Kenya’s largest online gift store (their claim) decided to display some awesome matching packages.

Well, we love the colours.

3. Kaggzie went religious with this awesome bible that matched her outfit in an uncanny way.

4. Kawthar Ahmed had some optical nutrition along with titles that women who want to be ‘bad girls’ (tongue-in-cheek) may admire.

5. Men, not to be left behind, joined the party. With a twist of creativity. Journalist, Oliver Mathenge had a gorgeous display of his ties and his choice political books.

6. Bree Gathoni decided to display a scary title, especially for the malekind.

7. Nancy Nyambura decided to be different, going for shoes, and what a super collection of books she packs.

8. Steph Taji is a Stephen King aficionado. But she doesn’t mind some Chimamanda, or the lucid equivocations of Yuval Noah.

9. Nyar Jamoko showcased a varied taste, from some kick-ass motivation from Mark Manson, to some biographical stuff Thatcher and easy fiction from John Grisham, and mandatory love to Maya Angelou, and of course, some nice shoe game.

10. For Trish Barasa, there is nothing like a good book jacket to showcase her jacket game. Awesome shots.

11. Wanjiku Thiga got right with every boo and every outfit.

12. Joan Zoya reads only good stuff. And her fashion taste is 10/10

13. What do you get when you combine a drink, nice outfits and some awesome books and instead of pics, do a video? Pure beauty from Katubae.

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