The Useless Opposition and the Demise of Opposition

The Useless Opposition and the Demise of Opposition
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To a worthy politician, the infamous handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga should have been the perfect opportunity to go for the jugular and do what many a politician has failed to do – topple Raila as the alternative voice and a champion of the people.

The so-called NASA Principals were not part of the Harambee House parley that led to the handshake, as such, human beings expected that their collective ire was going to be channeled into a more serious and worthy cause like picking up the baton and fighting for the forgotten folks left behind by the handshake-Eurobond-part-two conga.

But the perfidy has been one for the ages. None of the so-called principals has mustered the chutzpah to reach out to the disenchanted and flustered Raila constituents who have been on a damn near leadership dry spell that has seen them embrace a celebrated rabble-rouser who is responsible for penciling a literary attack ad in print. That is how desperate the people are!

“No one wants a coward in charge of anything.”

There has never been a moment in which the people begged for the political white knight to come and save them. Tellingly, this is happening when all the Mudavadis, Wetangulas and the Kalonzos are still cluelessly waiting for a Raila endorsement! How tomfoolery! 

This political bologna exemplifies the fleeting nature of the so-called political principals, a bunch of folks with clay feet who can barely stand on their own. And to think that these cowards want to be in control of our armed forces and “Utumishi kwa wote” while juggling the vast responsibilities of a government, one has to take a pause and thank the Almighty for not letting them anywhere near the levers of power.

Leaders must be folks with tremendous willpower and spine. Cowards must never be allowed near the leadership of a kindergarten PTA much less the presidency.

As a strategist, I can tell you for free that as far as the presidency is concerned, these amigos are dead on arrival. No one wants a coward in charge of anything. 

It’s now clear why Raila was able to subject them to infinite MOUs with zero consequences and when he felt that they were past their sell-by dates, he opted to strike a unilateral deal with UK! To Raila, the three amigos were pliable puppies whom he could do without and his cavalier treatment of them is all you need to see to understand actions.

Where does this leave the opposition? The answer is that being an opposition leader does not come cheap. It requires a lot more than dancing to NASA TIBIM on political podia and sporting a white shirt with your name embroidered on it. 

It’s now upon the new crop of leaders to pick the gauntlet and take the fight to powers that be. But if they can’t,  then Jakom’s absence is the death knell of opposition politics.


Mike Dande is a political analyst based in Washington DC. 

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