Tips for working from home

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Working from home is not for everyone. When the kitchen is two steps away and the bed, three steps, the temptations are inevitable. But we have hacked a simple formula that can get work done.

1. Coffee.
2. Keep your phone in a different room, on silent mode and logout WhatsApp Web.
3. Work then eat. Don’t eat and try to work.
4. After midnight is probably the only time you will have peace.
5. A soft beer can replace coffee. No Guinness or Heineken.
6. No sugar in coffee or tea. You will have a short rush of energy and it will subside and leave feeling trash and tired.
7. Close tabs like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or red tubes. Distraction so less.
8. If you are not on full salary during the self-isolation leave, remember to send your invoices in time.
9. After number 8, remember to befriend the accountant.
10. Working from homes does not mean freedom. It means discipline.
11. Your office spouse is in constant watch from her bored husband. Forget her and remember you are married.
12. Pray for strength.

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