Unemployment Can Make You Avoid Friends and Log off Social Media

Unemployment Can Make You Avoid Friends and Log off Social Media
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I have always had a strong education background. My mum being a teacher, sacrificed a lot to ensure that I attended the national school I was called to.  Later I joined university and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics, Media and Communication Studies.


My career goal was to work in an organization as a communication officer.  Upon completion of my studies and even before the graduation which was slated at the end of that year, I began sending applications in line with my training. Nothing was forthcoming. I took up a teaching job in a private primary school as a teacher of English, French and Computer Studies. I worked for a year. The plan was to hold on to that teaching job as I continued to apply for a suitable job. I worked at the school for nearly a year. You know the frustrations that come with working in a private school. The workload is not only too high but the pay is also meager among other challenges.

I have landed several data collection jobs with different research firms. These research jobs last from between two weeks to at most two months. The longest I have worked in these research jobs is five months.  Once the contract comes to an end, you are all sent home with the promise of being contacted when another data collection job presents itself. These jobs are not challenging. In fact, they can be performed so well by class eight and form four leavers. With a few days of training, they will be good to collect quality data. As for me, I do it for the sake of money to sustain myself but I draw no satisfaction from doing tasks that are very simplistic and there is no hope of ever growing at it to become something beyond an enumerator.

I got tired with this on and off jobs. At one month you are working the next month you are not. I decided to set up a small business to sustain myself. I run an MPESA shop where I also do printing and photocopying services as well as selling a few phone accessories. Even though the returns are not so good, at least I am able to sustain myself: I can pay rent, meet my basic needs and occasionally support my mother.

The hardest of all is when you meet longtime school mates from way back in primary and they ask where you are working nowadays. That question really breaks my heart. I am not very active on social media. I do not want to see how well everyone else is doing.

I have always desired to attain the highest level of education possible. So from the cash from the research jobs, I enrolled for a Masters degree in 2016. Hopefully, I will graduate at the end of this year.

Besides the small business I run, my full-time job is job searching. I make several applications not just blindly but those I qualify. Surprisingly, I am yet to land a job. I get very discouraged every day upon checking my email to find no interview invitation or to the least a regret letter from hiring managers. I have always wondered if these jobs that appear in career sites are actually genuine or if my applications ever reach the destination.

Currently, I have resorted to prayers, serious prayers for that matter. They are called PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens. Where it is has reached only God can save me. You see my desire is to get a job, save money to invest properly in the business. The returns from the business are not so good because my capital input into it is small. I am praying like a mad woman, and incorporated fasting something I never knew I can do, I have faith my miracle is around the corner. I resolved not to do things the same way and expect different results. For all those years, I have merely been making applications, but this year, I am toping up with prayers.

Joblessness has made me delay on matters to do with family. Having been brought up in a difficult upbringing occasioned by the early death of one parent, I have never wished to bring a human being into this world and cause them to suffer. My desire has always been to adequately provide for them. If they were to come right now, providing for them be would a challenge to me.

Yes, my significant other is working but I can’t rely on his income to bring children forth. Stuff does happen. We can separate or even death may come in.

Good thing is, I have not lost all hope. Every day, I am hopeful that I will get that call or email that will change my story.

I am a person with few friends. But I have had to drop even those few friends. It breaks my heart when your friends are landing jobs and you are just there. The hardest of all is when you meet longtime school mates from way back in primary and they ask where you are working nowadays. That question really breaks my heart. At times I have had to hide or just assume them whenever I meet them because I don’t want to be reminded of my joblessness. I am not very active on social media because I do not want to see how well everyone else is doing yet I appear to have stalled.

My younger siblings have not been as unlucky as I have been. At least they have stable jobs even though not so well paying.

In the meantime, I will continue operating the business as it gives me a purpose to wake up early in the morning leave the house and come back in the evening as though I am coming from a job. I would have run into depression had I not had at least this business. I will also continue studying, I love it that way. God willing I will enroll for Ph.D. next year. 

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