Who Makes the Best Burgers in Nairobi? News Cafe Comes Close

  • on Fri, 23rd February 2018 10:58 AM
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You don’t have to go to News Cafe twice to know what kind of clientele frequents there.

Besides our tables, everyone else looked they earned what some of us aren’t qualified for the maximum loan even with the greediest lender.

People in News Café are always in groups of threes or fours, probably the owners of the coolie, German machines down at the Sarit Centre Parking lot. They are in News Café to bite their burger and down it with one of the famed signature cocktails. And there is always the gentleman and the girl, out on a date. 

What is impressive about News Café is that the waiters never leave behind their happy hour or their cocktail menu, they stay behind guiding you on what to pick if you are lost.  They are patient and always on their toes.

I’m the loony who studies the menu like I have my med school exam the following day. Even when I ask irritating questions like, “ Aii, isn’t this too expensive for a chicken, even when I know I was there for a burger.”

Speaking of burgers, I had missed the Monday ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal so I went ahead and ordered a mushroom and cheeseburger at Ksh 1,200 which comes along with fries.

The reward for waiting for 14 minutes is a properly made burger. It looked like it went to Banda School. Well bred, well raised. The burger on the table looked like a kid from the rich family waiting outside the principal’s office, all prim and proper about to make a grand entrance.

You didn’t have to taste the bun to know that it was fresh and extremely soft. Was that butter? The bread looked like it was dressed, ready for the day of its life. It was a suit, it would probably be one of the those pinstriped Charles Njonjo suits, and would call themselves, the Duke of Burgershire.


The knife cuts through the bun and the patty like you know what

Í angled my Knife the best way possible because I knew there would be some sort of resistance but that knife, just slid through it like you know what. I had to stop and internalise what just happened. I have never seen a Burger that goes through the knife without a fight. Just to be sure I decided to cut the whole thing into another half and Just like before the knife slid through.

Right inside, were the buns rich looking buddies: The tomatoes- huge, fresh and deep red showing off their natural beauty. Then, there was the beef patty, so healthy, you could tell, its NHIF subscriptions were probably higher than mine. The cheese was there with all its relatives like it had come to witness its friends walk down the aisle. And then the first bite. The burger behaved like a bride pausing for the cameras.

The toppings did not. The vegetables, red onion and a bed of lettuce did not disappoint. Add to that the cheddar, cheese, and the creamy mushroom sauce. 

The ambiance of News Café at night is warm and luxuriant. Besides the dates, you could also enjoy a coffee date while you enjoy the breeze and lights at the balcony as you overlook the rest of the mall.

I would definitely go back to try the rest of the mall, pick the cocktail may be.



Rating: 7/10. 



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