Who Makes The Best Burgers In Nairobi? Our Verdict on Big Square

  • on Fri, 16th February 2018 1:06 PM
Burger No 3
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Í haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t look forward to the weekend. Some of us start counting days to the next weekend as early as we iron the Monday clothes on Sunday evening. By Monday afternoon, we can kill to see Friday.

Burger No 3

And why do we like weekends so much? There is the resting, but do we even catch a break. What with shopping, baby showers, school meetings, drinking, and nursing hangovers that seem to be getting worse, the older we grow.

Drinking and eating especially.

So when I stepped into Big Square at The Oval, Westlands and found it nearly empty on a Saturday evening, it was suspicious. That’s the day you expect most Kenyans to go to their favourite food joints in packs especially on the first week of February. So where exactly are people? Or is it normally this empty?

A staff at Big Square had an answer, “Unlike weekends, weekdays are the busiest here. With People streaming in from the nearby offices and apartments.”

Big Square has the right ambiance for a date. Most likely, it is the breeze in the open balcony area, the smooth Rhythm and Blues piping in the background, and a few couples who have naturally taken the corners.

You’d expect the service would be as sluggish as business at that hour, but the staff was energetic and as soon as we sat down they were ready to take our orders and tell us about their happy hour offers.

We ordered some wine alongside one double cheese and onion ring biggie, which is the largest Burger in Big Square at Sh 830 and a chicken square meal at Sh 730.

With the wine, the ambiance and of course a few selfies the 16 minutes the burgers took to get to us seemed much shorter.

The burger was monstrously big. It was possibly half the size of bread. Surprisingly, it had three layers of the beef patty. We were so captivated by the Biggie that we nearly forgot about the chicken square which was half the size of the ‘biggie’ that has a side of the fries and a half-liter of soda.

Big Square 1

The chicken square we nearly forgot about. 

The Biggie is bigger than it looks on their signage photos. The bun was super soft and aside from the tasty patty, it also had a good number of toppings: lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise, garkin, and cheese. So it was likely that it would taste better than the chicken square which only had mayonnaise and ketchup.

Aside from the chili sauce and ketchup freely provided on every table, Big Square also has this bottle with a mustard yellowish content called a ‘chip dip’. Add that to your burger and you will likely go asking for it in any restaurant you go to.

After having the burgers, we tried their fries. They were a bit seasoned and big in size, but the portions were quite wanting.  

The taste of the Burger did exceed my expectations, given initially I had interpreted the absence of many people as a testament to the bad food and service.  

Í would definitely recommend their Biggie Burger, fries alongside their wine.


Rating 6/10








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