Why Trump Will Not Have a Comeback for Michelle Obama’s ‘It is what it is’ Speech’

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Day 1 of the DNC convention was a hit and Michelle Obama stole the show with a stinging indictment of Trump. Using Trump’s own derisive dismissal of over 170K deaths of Americans as “it is what it is” was a killer. She used Trump’s own words to excoriate Trump.

Their goal was to introduce Biden to the American people and then contrast that with Trump’s incompetence and I think that was a winner. Each speaker tore into Trump while highlighting Biden’s empathy.

The message was simple: Biden knows you and he has the experience to do right by you while Trump is incompetent and does not know you and does not understand your predicament.

Lastly, with Michelle’s speech, the Dems laid a trap for Trump knowing full well that he can’t bite for if he bites, then he must attack all black women! Can he do it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Mike Dande is a political analyst based in Washington DC.

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