YEAR IN REVIEW: Why Kenyans are on their Knees

YEAR IN REVIEW: Why Kenyans are on their Knees
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I am ashamed, we possess the humble decency of widows:

truth died and rotted in so many graves

    – Pablo Neruda

Chilean poet and Nobel laureate.



I spend very long nights thinking. Thinking into empty spaces, the clock ticking.

My mind, a deep sea clogged with nothingness. A bottomless pit, an abyss, a darkness that engulfs to the bowels of the earth.

Desperation that kicks in like an ass on heat. One that can drive the bravest of the soldiers to suicide.

Then, it dawns on me that I don’t even know who or what I am. Or what am thinking. Or even whose country I am in. Whether there is a government or not. And if there is one, what form it is.

The president, on live TV, switched on some light in a dingy house made of cow dung.

Then, it dawns on me. First, a whisper. Small, still voice. A voice that hardly brings any good tidings. It is the whispers of an owl singing a dirge. A mockingbird mimicking the cry of my soul. A sharp arrow through the nostrils of my heart, choking life out of media struggle to wrestle myself out …. Seeking for hope. And as a way of assuring me that am still alive, the words of the Kenyan Chief Justice, David Kenani Maraga flood my thoughts.

“The greatness of any nation lies in its fidelity to the constitution and adherence to the rule of law and above all respect to God,”

 Something about fidelity to the constitution.


The rule of law!

Respect to God!

The rule of law. My history teacher taught me that the rule of law is Democracy. I wonder if ours is a Democracy or a Demon gone Crazy? Yes.

This country, come to think of it is demon possessed, badly in need of cleansing; exorcising of the evil spirits bedeviling it.

The road carnage.



Water cannons…

Not that am in any way superstitious. Perhaps, that is why senior government officials dress in religious attire (be it hides and skins, Kanzus and all) in a bid to give some religious credence in their  demon possesses demon-crazy government.

Come to think of it.

Kenyans, since Independence have been treated to all sorts of political circuses. But in 2010, with the promulgation of the constitution, there was renewed hope in the country, like we had in 2002.  Nationhood, patriotism and optimism was at an all-time high.  Fast track to 2017. There is a sinking feeling of desperation of the 1980s and 1990s. We’ve witnessed political witch hunt, bribery, detention, murder and teargas on the streets. Decaying of institutions. Political buyouts. Ass scratching. And as the year comes to an end, it will mark exactly 4.7 years of politicking. The Uhuruto 2013-2017 term was nothing but an extended period of campaigning and electioneering.

All the jubilee projects were initiated with the electioneering and votes in mind. Not a bad thing in itself. But there was a brazen and blatant lack of nuance on Jubilee’s part. Kenyans were considered voting machines whose only reason to be served is so that they could cast the ballot.

This is equivalent to a monthly stipend of KES 608 ($5.9) aimed at eradicating poverty! Yes, you heard it right…The goal of the safety net is to cushion the poor against the pangs of poverty.


Multibillion shillings’ project like the SGR were meant to lure the coast voters. The last mile connectivity project was the lowest an elected president of a nation can sink to. The president, on live TV, switched on some light in a dingy house made of cow dung. The occupants: a very old couple, clearly starving were forced to smile to the many cameras and bewildering lights, and all they could afford was a grin.

Mind you not, there have been 2079 launches by Uhuruto in their 1825 days in power! What an insatiable urge to launch anything, especially in Jubilee strongholds.

Then there is the Social Protection Programmes that were launched by Uhuru. On the NDMA website, they state that in November 2017, they paid KES 540 Million (USD 5.4 million) to 100,554 households across the four poorest counties in the country. A basic mathematics of division and multiplication will reveal that each household received KES 5370 spread across a period of 3 months. This is equivalent to a monthly stipend of KES 608 ($5.9) aimed at eradicating poverty! Yes, you heard it right…The goal of the safety net is to cushion the poor against the pangs of poverty.

Corporates joined the bandwagon of denying Kenyans their inalienable right that is enshrined in the constitution.

Media outlets became accomplice in the assassination of democracy and the rule of law. That is how low we sunk as a nation, such that demanding for a basic constitutional requirement like free, fair, transparent, credible and verifiable election would cost lives, the 7-year-old Mutindwa (his Soul Rest in Peace), Baby Pendo and many other lives that have been lost in the quest for justice. 

The year is 2018. Kenya is on its knees. Not to pray. But humiliated, giving in to the by her oppressor. It is on its knees to allow for easier and smooth behind penetration. Assault that has reduced it from the Republic of Kenya to The Kenya Ltd. It now has been reduced to a private entity by the people who wield the power of aristocracy and whose only qualification is being born into a ruling oligarchy. The oligarchy that goes back to independence. An oligarchy decidedly out to lead us down the path of ruin.  

All that is left, is a soul desperate for love. An empty soul. But am reminded again that the waves tell the firm coast:

‘Everything will be fulfilled.’



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